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T Girl Dating Tips


Ideally, T-girls are similar to other girls and if you want to date one successfully, you should treat her just like other girls. However, unlike other girls, T-girls need a man who really understands them because they have a lot of mysteries. They are easily offended especially if you are not treating them well and to succeed in treating them, as a man you should be patient and polite. If you’ve already met a T girl and you are developing a long lasting relationship, you probably are doing things right. Nevertheless, if you are starting to date a T girl, you should consider the following:


Personality of a T girl

Even though people are different, T girls have their uniqueness and to understand their personality is the main factor that will make you succeed when dating one. Whether you met your T girl from a transgender dating site, in a bar or club or you were introduced by a friend, the most important thing to understand is their personality. Knowing her personality will help you understand her, connect with her and know how to treat her from time to time. You will also know her likes and dislikes and with that you can focus on making her happy by doing the things she likes. Personality also influences decision making and the decisions you make greatly influence the relationship you are having. For instance, her personality may affect her career or job as well as yours. In addition, personality may determine how you argue, put your points across and engage in a conversation while trying to involve her and not hurt her feelings. Since knowing the personality of your T girl is vital for your relationship, spending time with them and exchanging meaningful conversations with them are some of the ways to learn more about their personalities. Once you’ve interacted with her for a period of time, you will be able to see her reactions when discussing certain topics helping you to understand more.


Interests of a T girl

Learning about her interests will help you connect easily when dating. In fact, knowing each other’s interests will facilitate attraction and connection amongst yourselves. If you are using a transgender dating site to find a T girl, visit the profile page because it usually has an interest/hobby section where one is required to list his or her interests. Alternatively, when having a conversation, you can inquire about their interests politely while still sharing yours. However, avoid being creepy because it can bar her from sharing. If you want to learn more about someone, you should be open, engaging and creative at the same time. Don’t ask a lot of questions whilst she has not answered the ones you’ve asked or while she has not asked you any. The conversation should be engaging and from both of you. Finally, getting a T girl whom have similar interests as you is highly recommend because you will have a lot in common and you will connect much faster. Therefore, try to gather as much information as possible from their online dating sites to know if you are compatible before you plan for a date.


Personality and interests of a T girl are very vital because they will increase the chances of having a successful date and eventually long lasting relationship. However, you should also live your life comfortably without trying to impress your T girl. Hence, don’t try to overdo things you cannot be able to because you will eventually get tired and if you stop doing them, your relationship may hit rock bottom. You can inquire advice, suggestions or opinions from your close friends who are dating T girls. Nevertheless, you need to be considerate since you cannot trust everyone’s advice especially if they are no expert.


Transexual Singles.


Coming out as a transexual has made it difficult for many people due to fear of stigma and rejection by some individuals in the society including the family members. But if you wish to come out and search for your long term partner then it is advisable that you make sure you are prepared as well.You are not guaranteed that things will be the way you expect them to be especially meeting the right partner and therefore you should have an answer and a solution in case you don’t meet your expectation. As long you are okay with any outcomes whether positive or negative then your search will be smooth and enjoyable as well since it will be an adventure for you. Other important things to keep in mind include the places where you can search for transgender partners. Finding someone who is serious especially for those who wish to settle down is not easy and therefore to be able to meet someone you have to come up with various tactics such going out or attending transexual members events.Don’t solely rely on people to help you meet a transgender partner instead opt to do it on your own as you have high and excellent chances of meeting the right and true partner.

Other tips to help you meet a transgender partner.

  • Through friends.

Do you have friends who are either transexual or have transexual friends? Well, you can always ask them to hook you up with a transexual single. Your friend knows you better, and they can easily find someone who can perfectly match with you regarding your likes and hobbies as well. It is also quite comfortable to socialize and interact with someone close to your friends because first of all you will have some information about their background before you meet with them and your friend cannot find you someone who is serious about a relationship. Let your friends do the introduction part and then take over the rest such as getting to know the person and asking them for a date if you like them and they like you in return.

  • Through dating site.

The other excellent area that can help you meet your better half is the dating site. There are thousands of dating sites established and offer match making services whereby you are required to upload your profile and also write down the kind of partner you need to meet. If the site finds someone who matches your criteria, they will contact you so you can set up a date. Although you should not have too much faith in dating sites as sometimes, you may encounter with people who are not serious at all, and it can be discouraging so always be prepared for anything when using the online dating sites. You can also minimize such scenarios by signing in with the most reputable transexual dating sites available.

  • Be social.

Attend different transgender gathering and parties, and you might meet someone in such gatherings. Although you may not be successful, at least you will have an opportunity to go out and see other people especially the people that you share something in common.


How to Find a TS Date


People everywhere are looking for ways to get a TS date. That is a fun and exciting way to spend the evening together. Couples enjoy one another and find a way to spend the time with one another. Think through TS dating and don’t let emotions get the best of yourself. There are great transsexuals waiting to meet with everyday people. That makes TS dating something to look forward to each week. Make plans to head out on the town to enjoy the evening. Learn more about the idea and how to participate. New arrivals are welcome to make conversation and headway with their new TS date.


Plan out the evening and make it something special for people. Remember that a first impression is a great opportunity for both parties. Couples can meet one another and get to know their reason for TS dating. Some people find it entertaining, while others want to support the community as a whole. Get to know the person and their background before moving forward. That can keep both parties confident in the choice they are making. Make the switch to TS dating by making the right moves. The first date should be something memorable for everyone too.

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Top 5 Transgender Dating Sites Review

TS dating is becoming more and more popular in the romance scene which involves transsexuals, shemales, transvestites, cross-dressers, lady boys and their secret admirers’. Transgender porn is a hot topic in the transgender scene right now.


In this article I will be reviewing Transgender dating sites to give you an idea of what you may find within these sites whether you are seeking a relationship or not.


In these sites you will be provided with photos of registered members which you are able to direct message and potentially spark a light with someone; or maybe just a one night stand. Either way, these sites are for you if you are seeking some attention.


Transgender dating sites are known to have more porn video content than sites like Gayporn.com; you can easily join TS for a monthly subscription fee to find the love or your life or a hookup of the night. Either way, TS can provide that for you.


TS provides Transgender Dating Review sites to help you find the most attractive TS person for you. If you absolutely adore TS then below we have picked the top 5 Transgender dating sites we have found.

Since finding Transgender persons for dating potential is difficult, we have provided you with a list of these sites where you can increase your chances of finding love.


Transgender rights issues have been on the forefront of human rights issues in the past several years; we want to be a positive force in that direction by bringing together all Transgender mates who are seeking love or just a one night stand.


Here is our top 5 list of transgender dating sites; have a look, you won’t be disappointing!


#1 TS Dating 5stars


TS Dating is the number one transgender dating site as well as the largest online Transgender dating website on the internet. This is not limited to those who are Transgender or transsexual as it extends to those who are also gender fluid. There is an extensive photo collection in TS Dating members where you can quickly make matches with the ones you find attractive and stimulating or perhaps have a crush on. Making connections on TS is fast and easy; all you need to do is find, direct message and explore! TS reviews lets you decide if you want to purchase a subscription by offering you a free demo period of the site. If you are serious about finding love and want to increase your chances, we highly recommend TS dating. This is our absolute number 1 pick!



#2 Date A Crossdresser 5stars


This is one of the largest and well known dating sites for Transgender today. Date a Cross-dresser hosts 35 million members, which is a humongous amount of people. Date a Cross-dresser is basically a very mainstream dating site for transgender all over and has proven to be a success over the years with an offer on the table of a 3 month free membership access to all the members on the site.


#3 Crossdressing 5stars


Cross-dressing is differentiated from the other Trans dating sites in the sense that cross-dressing is more of an escort community. This site has an overall member count of 70,000 members and hosts a smaller audience than TS dating which is why we gave this site four stars. Although the member count is not up to par, we still put cross-dressing on our top list of sites because of the potential opportunities for making new friends and maybe you will find someone lucky on this site. Go ahead, take a chance for love- you won’t regret it.


#4 Find A Shemale Lover 4stars


If you are looking for a more local level of transgender dating then this site is for you. This site is mainly focused on matching transgender in your area and is not interested in the long distance possibilities like some of the other Transgender dating sites. If you are looking for a quick hook-up and to flirt with someone in your area then Find a Shemale is for you.


#5 Single Transexuals 3stars


This platform features over 30 million users and there are hundreds of thousands of users registered on tranny dates sites every day. Single Transsexuals features a clear and straightforward interface where you register and search. A fun fact, this website is an affiliate of Adult Friend Finder; the world largest swinger community. So go ahead and give Single Transsexuals a try!

So, now you have a good idea of some useful Transgender dating sites you can visit. So this begs the next question: Why Register with Transgender Dating Sites?

Today, more than ever have Transgender been given the rights they deserve and are still being fought for. While there is still a long way to go for Transgender equality, it is clear that we are on the right track and Transgender Dating sites is here to help you achieve your goals of finding the best sites to find love.



Once you start getting comfortable with these dating platforms you will let yourself loose and find out that it’s not so difficult anymore. You don’t have to jump hoops or corners to find Transgender mating potential and instead, you can just hop on to one of these dating sites and find a transgender quickly and efficiently.

Here you have a chance to find the love of your life with these 5 dating platforms so start today and don’t waste any more time. Anything can wait but love can’t wait so here at Transgender Dating Sites, we encourage you to start now and click register to find the love of your life and lead a happier life.


Thank you,

Transgender Dating Sites



As a caveat, please be polite, respectful and follow the rules and you should avoid sexual conversations until the person is in mutual agreement with you to do so. If you are meeting someone on the internet in person then use common sense, take all necessary precautions. All hook-ups are the sole responsibility of all individuals involved.